Dear writers of lost

You had it for a while, and then you blew it. I hope you enjoy antagonizing your viewers in your show’s Sopranos-esque progression to irrelevance.

Your frustrated-to-the-point-of-apathy audience


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3 Comments to "Dear writers of lost"

  1. awisniewski wrote:

    you’re nuts, son. that finale was ohsome. the beard could have used some grey in it, though.

  2. chip wrote:

    Here’s a typical example of what pissed me off:

    “Why can’t you just let them go, Dad?”

    (Yes yes! This is a central unanswered point in this show – if The Others hate the protagonists so much, and it’s “their” island and all, why not just let them leave? This will be very interesting, the answer to this question, and will give this others/non-others conflict some depth of meaning which will only but add to the excitement of the show! Yes, Ben! Tell us why!)

    “Because I can’t!”

    F— you, lost writers. You deserve a punch in the throat for that one.

    Also, as Demetri so eloquently said, if there’s a radio jammy giving you headaches, but it’s submerged underwater and connected to the mainland by a power cable, then why not CUT THE EFFING POWER CABLE?

    Also, if you have time to write “not penny’s boat” on your hand, you probably also had time to go over to Desmond and put the on the scuba mask he was getting out for you….

  3. JessicaSophia wrote:

    I’m with A-dubs. I liked the finale too. Especially when Hurley saved the day! I was glad the Other-Thugs didn’t kill Sayid, Jin and Bernard. That would’ve been too, too sad. But I do agree with Chip that Charlie prolly could’ve saved himself, or at least attempted to!!

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