Lorne Greene Preservation Society – This Fish is a Stapler

The LGPS was born at around 3:00 AM after a long night of drinking, when Andrew and I decided to write an ode (on Deck II, which dates it at around, like 1996-7ish?) to our favorite late night diner, the New Purity (back when it was on 7th & union – I think that space is now the park cafe?)

Highlights include the Jenn Chen Birthday Song, downloaded over 60,000 times on mp3.com, and South Ferry Woman, first in a long-abandoned series of songs about the 5 boroughs. I also included Lawnmowin’ Song, which I did on my 4 track in 1994. Good times…

The title is a joke from the Risley Recorder in 1991. I think there are probably 3 people who remember it, beyond me…



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