Dear Flash Web Developers

I know you like to show off your flash-movie-making skills. I know it’s tons of fun to make images fade in and out, and to make text scroll across the screen. I know this kind of stuff makes your clients pop like 1,000 boners and fall over themselves to give you more work.

But you know what? It bugs the snot out of the rest of us. It’s unnecessary, it’s indulgent, and… personally it bugs me so much that even if your intro ended with a retinue of topless Hawaiian maidens who would actually pop out of the screen and gently fan me with palm fronds while I viewed your website, I’d still skip it.

Instead of a “skip intro” button, how about a “show intro” button? That way, you still get to flex your Object Tweening skillz, your client can still show off your snappy work to all his buddies, and, most importantly, your audience’s first impression with your website is not an aggravated search for the “Skip” function.

And, for god’s sake, enough with the music backgrounds. If you must have one, have it in your “intro” only. If I wanted to listen to bland electronacia I’d bring my laptop to a Banana republic.

I’m looking at you, that one development team that seems to have built the website for every restaurant in Atlanta….


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