…so my contract ended a couple weeks ago, and you’d think that this would be the perfect time for me to sit around in my underpants all day and write blog posts about the menial things that piss me off, but I’m finding I’m too busy trying to find more work. So in lieu of some postings, here’s a charming little ditty, written in 1926 by Lee David and Billy Rose. First made popular by legendary crooner Gene Austin, it’s been floating in and out of the public consciousness for years – I could list the people who’ve recorded it, but heck, you can read wikipedia as well as I can. I even have a copy of Nancy Sinatra singing it I picked up from

Of course, I’ll always remember it from the recording below. Mad props to Christian for a) having this in his mp3 collection, b) playing it at a dinner party he invited us to, and c) sending me a copy.

[audio:Tonight You Belong to Me.mp3]

or download here

And, I’ll try to dig this up, but the first in-a-studio recording I ever made, back in, um, 1994, for a compilation we made of Ithacan indie rock – in addition to being all art-musicy and (I’m the first to admit) bad – the song involved two tracks of AM radio (stereo panned, natch), drifting along the dial, and after all my crappy singing and guitar playing had ended, and this little ditty drifted into range.

Also, for my crappy vocal track I sang into the broken pickups of one of Schtephen’s guitars, because microphones were for squares, man. I really must go find that CD again, because not only is it hilarious, but I can embarrass Schtephen with his first foray into band-music-authorship, the Jesus Super Rodeo…


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