seriously, wordpress, WTF?

It’s not bad enough that I had to turn off all non-anonymous commenting because of the flood of spam I was getting, but now I get another google-banning for people injecting code into my posts? If I had a nickel for every time this has happened, I’d have like 10 cents by now! Security this sh*t up, people!


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2 Comments to "seriously, wordpress, WTF?"

  1. tdeclercq wrote:

    I had the same problem with my wordpress blog, until I realized all the spam was basically trying to redirect me (or my readers) to some random web site. So I just added “http://” to my blacklist of strings that get the post auto-deleted, and now, no problems! Of course, people cannot post links (and this post itself would get deleted), but it’s the price we pay.

  2. Los Stevies El Grandes! wrote:

    Askimet does a pretty good job at killing the spam coments. I’ve got it running at a coupla different places, and the amount of spam has been reduced to ’bout zero.

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