Just for the record, my wife is *not* a carpet-bagging a-hole

Although you wouldn’t know it form reading her one line in this article, which I like to call, “Hey! Did You Know New Yorkers are Dickbags Where-ever They Go? Let’s Reinforce Some Regional Stereotypes!!”

I just want it stated:

  1. Jessica talked to the author for 20 minutes about how great she thought Atlanta was, and this quote was in response to his last question, “In what way is New York is better than Atlanta?” Her point was that Brooklyn might be The Place To Be, but Atlanta has Plenty of Awesomeness going for it… but apparently he had already written the story before he called around looking for quotes, so he chose the one negative thing she said.
  2. Native Atlantans are not all Gone with the Wind-obsessed sweet-tea sipping Hayseeds (note: written while sipping iced tea (note: unsweetened))
  3. People who move here from NYC are not all 300 lb NY Yankee foam-finger-Number-One sporting goombahs who have their car horns play the Godfather theme and look down their noses at all the people they judge as #2 above.

Also, can I really be the only one who is sooooo tired of the “NEW YORK PIZZA FTW!!!111!!!” tirade? Or the whole “My regional pizza is better than your regional pizza” debate? Seriously, you wanna start talking about how Coke is called Soda in the north and Pop everywhere else? And then maybe we can all get past our college orientation weekend conversation starters and Move the F— On. Asshole.


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