More Comcast rediculousness

….so I was all excited when the Comcast Blog Monitors found my rant, hoping that I would get some resolution out of it. But no, I sent them my account info, was told “someone would be contacting me”, and that was it.

Although maybe they shamed “Mrs Jefferson” into actually doing something, because she called to tell me that she had rescheduled my appointment to tomorrow! Yay! Except it was tomorrow between 11-2, which I can’t do because I work for a living. So it got re-rescheduled back to next Wednesday the 20th. A week and a half for the Comcast Glorified UPS Guy to com hand me two cable cards.

Also, get this: apparently you can’t change your address over the phone. I know this because they got my address wrong. How they did that, I don’t know, because I started my account online. The lady I talked to to reschedule my appointment said she needed to contact a dispatcher (WTF?!?!?!) to change my address.

..and then so last night I get the automated “how did your install go?” phone call, which I answer truthfully, then I get connected to another service rep, so says “what happened?” so I tell her the whole spiel. Her response can be summed up with “well, that ain’t right” – no options to make things right, no explanations for what happened or attempts to find out where the process went wrong – just sympathy that it got messed up. I don’t want sympathy, that’s why I have this blog. I want someone to take action (or responsibility).

She also told me that a) Technicians aren’t allowed to change work orders, b) I have to go to a Comcast store to change my address (WTF?!?!) c) her supervisor was “at lunch” (8:00 PM) but she would talk to them (I thought about the whole wrong work order / general miscommunication within comcast, but actually it was to see if I could pick up cable cards from a store (which I already knew I couldn’t from previous phone conversations, and told her as much)) and call me back. Which, astoundingly, she did – I had assumed that she was just getting me off the phone, much like Mrs Jefferson, previously – but at 11:54 PM!!!!!! Six minutes to midnight, I get a phone call from a comcast rep just to tell me that no, in fact, I can’t get cable cards from a store. Thank you soooooooooo much. Also, that 9:00 PM limit that Mrs Jefferson talked about? Maybe they should make that an actual rule instead of an Excuse to not talk to a manager….


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