oh my freakin god F____ YOU COMCAST YOU F____ING IDIOT MUNGASSES!!!11!!

so right this very second I’m on hold with comcast, the 4th time I’ve called tonight. The idiot technician who came out to install the cable card without checking to see if it actually works. So, I call tonight, to see if they can fix that. Well, actually, I call four times:

1. I talk to jackie for 30 minutes who “transfers” me (I think “let me transfer you” is comcast-ese for “let me hang up on you”)

2. I talk to Jessica, who puts me on hold for 30 minutes while she “finds someone who knows about cable cards” (i.e. hopes I go away)

3. I talk to Stephanie, who “transfers” me once again

4. I talk to Randy, who, I just got off the phone with. Surprise surprise! Sends out a tech. Next Sunday. Despite the fact that I told her exactly what is happening, and that I know that, courtesy of this link, the problem is that my card is not configured correctly (which I found while trying to fix it myself, courtesy of Tivo’s Extremely Helpful Tech Support Pages (NOT SACRCASTIC! Thank you tivo for bein a lone voice of intelligence in a sea of Comcast dementia).

So that’s four calls tonight coupled with the three this morning (and not including Jessica’s call (!)). The other calls were because our phone and internet went out again. I called the “Executive Escalation” line to ensure that the issue wasn’t the incorrect address, as it was the last time the phone went out. She assured me it wasn’t. I called the regular comcast tech line, to make sure that the problem wasn’t the address. I again was assured it wasn’t. I called one more time, all sneaky like, to make sure they had the right address associated with my account. I talked to Keith, who told me there were actually 3 addresses (WTF?!?!?!) associated with my account, but wouldn’t tell me what they were, and again assured me that the address wasn’t the problem. The tech fixed our phone issue around 2:00 PM – I’ll give you one guess what the problem was.

Oh, Comcast Cares gurus, where are you? You gave me so much hope that this would all be fixed when you first contacted me. Instead I’ve had to call comcast and get the runaround EVERY SINGLE F___ING DAY I’ve been home since I ordered this service. It’s getting rediculously hard for me to not just blow up at every single person I talk to.

(I know this picture is about flash, but just substitute “comcast” where appropriate and you’ll get the gist)



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  1. Los Stevies El Grandes! wrote:

    Yeah, but with Comcast sucking so hard in your posts, Google’s adsense for content algorithm is surprisingly displaying a bunch of banners for… Comcast. So I clicked on one, just to stick it to the man for you. That’s probably a whole dime to you from Comcast. Oh, the irony!

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