100 Nerd Points for me

…so last night I put a new hard drive in my MacBook Pro. It was like the old days of putting a new hard drive in the Tivo, except for with a piece of equipment that’s about 4 times more expensive.

I followed directions I found here, and if you’ve got here because you’re about to do the same thing, here’s
a handy tip: Print out your instructions, then put pieces of tape on the backs of each page, so the sticky side is facing up. That way, you can stick the screws you remove to the part of the instructions where you removed them, making it easier to figure out which screw goes where. You can insert your own infantile “screw” joke here, if you like. Also, despite the instructions, you don’t need a spudger, unless you like the hilarity of asking for one at various hardware / electronic stores (which was worth it for me, although I still couldn’t find one).

Also, Cheers! to Apple and their Theory of Relativity confounding Time Machine! Made things as simple as turning it (Time machine) on, backing up the drive, stepping on a butterfly while hunting dinosaurs, and them choosing “restore from backup.” Two hours later and voila! ‘1.9 GB remaining’ becomes ‘198 GB remaining’!

And Jeers! to Comcast, who still suck big horrible noxious fartgassings – although I finally have a working Tivo I’ve been double charged for the installation, somehow.


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  1. Dirt Lawyerin' Harlan wrote:

    Yeah. Well. Since October I’ve been paying for a DVR that I don’t even have.

    Thirteen bucks a month of the Old Man’s beer money, all for nothing!

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