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  • Feb

    Be Careful parsing your URL string with Javascript

    …so I know you’ve looked around the net for a good method to parse URL variables with javascript, and I’m sure that you’ve found some elegant method that looks something like: function parseLocation() { var turl = window.location.search; ar = turl.split(‘&’); var b = {}; for (var i = 0; i < ar.length; i++) { […]

  • Oct

    using Javascript to refresh an image without a cache-busting parameter

    …say you’re using Javascript to reload an image periodically, say, every 60 seconds, and the image never refreshes. If you look for help across the webrent a car bulgaria (as undoubtedly you have, since you’re here now, right?) you’ll find a) A bunch of people telling you to tag on a url param that’s a […]

  • Aug

    Nickel and Dimeing Comcast’s Ad Budget

    My brother pointed out that, with all my traumas with Comcast that I’ve been blogging in order to get the Comcast Cares guys to find me (in vain, unfortunately), the Google ad-sense content algorithm is showing lots of ads for, ironically enough, comcast. So I’m going to place a hopefully Comcast-filled ad banner (based on […]

  • Aug

    100 Nerd Points for me

    …so last night I put a new hard drive in my MacBook Pro. It was like the old days of putting a new hard drive in the Tivo, except for with a piece of equipment that’s about 4 times more expensive. I followed directions I found here, and if you’ve got here because you’re about […]

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