Here’s some examples of flash games I’ve built. Most are incomplete and only serves as proof-of-concepts, or trying to figure out coding logic behind basic principles of game development.

John’s office – A game built for my friend John, to display his resume, based on the old text-adventure classic Zork. It’s built with AS 2.0, using OOP principles to create the virtual world. Unfortunately we didn’t fully finish designing the game aspect (just the logic in the code behind it), so it’s really simplified and there’s not much you can do. (Note: you might have to click in the game to be able to type)

Sudoku – A sudoku game I built, both in ActionScript and JavaScript. The board generator uses a neat little recursive function I built based on some pseudocode I found on a sudoku-maniac message board. (Note: if you don’t see the “Play Game” button when the .swf loads, you’ll need to refresh the page)

Escape from Williamsburg – a proof-of-concept 2-D side-scroller featuring moving backgrounds, independently acting bad guys, things you can shoot, and sound. As I said after I finished it, it’s more Funny than Fun.

Car Jumper – Remember the show “That’s Incredible,” and there was this guy whose thing was he’d jump over cars that came speeding towards him? No? Well, a friend of mine and I wrote a song about him in college, and I made this game to work on 2-D side-scrolling, jumping, and making a randomly-generated soundtrack out of 4 loop snippets. This would be so much more awesome with some ragdoll physics involved….

SimTrampoline – practice to translate (X,Y,Z) motion of 3-d space into (X,Y) of 2-d computer screen. Also, would be much more awesome with ragdoll physics involved.

Boring Pacman – practice with grid-based motion detection, bad-guy AI (although it’s really dumbed down), level completion.

ChiPlinko – practice with Collision Detection via the Price is Right Staple.

Lunar Lander – practice with gravity, via one of my favorite Arcade classics, Lunar Lander.

Math goofs: some little Flash apps to demonstrate Math principles I was reading about at the time

  • Flocking Simulator – figuring out how to make a somewhat realistic-looking flock of birds. I used this as my homepage for a while, hence the post-hipster logo on the top.
  • Logistic Equation – a Flash representation of the Logistic Equation, which models population growth. It was in a book I was reading on fractals as was…
  • Sierpinski Gasket – a very basic type of fractal, that can be drawn from choosing the points of a triangle and a starting point. There is then a mathematical formula which iterates to find all other points in the fractal, which will very slowly start to appear
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